• Well-managed gardens can add considerably to the value of properties and can enhance aesthetic and wildlife values along with a wide range of other benefits.
  • Arboriculture encompasses the care of trees, hedges, shrubs and climbers and Woodsman can advise on the management of all these aspects of garden/estate management. Woodsman can prioritise works to suite your budget, adapting management plans to match your objectives.
  • Using an independent consultant to assess the management requirements for gardens and small estates can save considerable expense in the short, medium and long term. With Woodsman you can rest assured that all advice given is carefully considered, professional and impartial.


  • Mortgage Reports for house purchases - Express Service Available.
  • Increasingly mortgage lenders insist that people purchasing houses have surrounding trees assessed for hazard potential and/or possible future risks (Express service is available to help keep your house purchase moving on track).

  • Hazard Assessment for insurance purposes.
  • Significant trees may need to be assessed for their potential to cause damage should they fail especially where tree failure may affect public areas such as roads and footpaths.

  • Mapping Identification and Categorising of Trees shrubs and climbers.
  • Mapping and identifying your trees can aid in landscape design and making clear management options.

  • Disease Diagnosis.
  • Diagnosis of pests and diseases affecting individual trees or larger populations.

  • Management Plans for both short and long term.
  • Management plans can help you to maximise the benefits that are available from trees, hedges, shrubs and climbers in your garden.

  • Planting Plans and advisory services.
  • We can provide advice about what plant species best suit your garden and help to guide you through developing garden makeovers.

  • Protected Tree Management and Works Applications - for trees subject to Tree Preservation Order or Conservation Area Status.
  • We can help assess the management requirements for protected trees.
  • Submit works applications.
  • Liase directly with Local Planning Authorities.